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When you walk through the doors of Thompson Larter Smart Vision Optometry, it is hard to believe that Carole MacDonald ever goes home. It is rare that her laughter is not echoing down the hallway and that she isn’t sharing some anecdote with a patient over a cup of tea at the dispensing desks.

When I was given the task to write a spiel about Carole to personalise her for our patients, I first thought this might be a difficult task. But then I saw Carole, stumble through my Vision Therapy room with a bowl full of cereal and some new scar to add to her collection of unfortunate incidents that seem to plague her, and I thought ‘this won’t be difficult at all…it will be terrifying!’ After all, who wouldn’t be a little worried at the thought of trying to understand a woman with a mind that runs a million miles an hour whilst simultaneously managing a business, raising a family and conquering the real estate market?!

Thus, I reached a decision that (I hope) will satisfy our patients and Carole’s inner diva. I decided to perform a red-carpet interview and let the star herself explain the inner workings of her delightful and delirious mind!

Justine: Why is it that you experience so many injuries?

Carole: What do you mean?! I don’t have that many injuries. I only fell over last week and that is healed. I did smash my own face with the shower screen when I was cleaning it last night. Look at this awesome bruise…

Justine: What is it that you enjoy most about working at Thompson Larter?

Carole: More than anything, it is important for me to find solutions for our clients that meet ALL of their optical and lifestyle needs. Apart from that, I love our team and love coming to work each day and being with you lot, we are a tight bunch.

Justine: What made you decide to get into this role?

Carole: I fell into optics from the dental world when I was 21. I don’t know how, because I was actually going to study nursing. I suppose I always knew I wanted to work in a health care related industry.

Justine: How do you keep yourself so positive and motivated?

Carole: Loving what I do makes it pretty easy.

Justine: And lastly, why is Justine your absolute favourite staff member? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell the others)

Carole: Ha! Probably because you remind me of me. You could be my daughter and I adore you.

Well there you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth. She might hold my horse up for ransom and send threatening emails my way, but when it comes down to it, Carole is pretty great. She drives out of her way to collect gluten free cakes for Jacquie’s birthday and stays behind after hours to ensure that a patient has tried on every frame available and made the best choice for them. She knows more about the optical industry than many of us could ever hope to and gives fabulous speeches at staff get-togethers.

All in all, we are lucky to call this woman our boss and our friend.

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