KingKooler - The Story Behind The American Beverage Wrap Experts

KingKooler – The Story Behind The American Beverage Wrap Experts

The Kool Story Behind KingKooler: A Tale of Innovation and Dedication  

In the realm of beverage insulation, one American company is making waves, and it goes by the name of KingKooler.

This relatively new enterprise has emerged as a testament to ingenuity, quality, and the indomitable spirit of two brothers, Kyle and Joe Hicks, who are carrying forward a legacy of innovation that traces back to the 1970s.

Their journey is not just about crafting exceptional beverage wraps; it’s about honoring their mother’s vision and creating a product that stands the test of time.

A Legacy of Innovation  

KingKooler is not just another beverage wrap company; it’s a tribute to resourcefulness and practicality. The story begins in the shag carpet days of the 1970s when the Hicks brothers’ mother, Dawn Hicks, was on a mission to efficiently insulate her home.The first place Dawn started, was to insulate their old drafty aluminum windows with fabrics designed to insulate against the cold.

However, it was what she did with the leftover scraps that set the stage for KingKooler’s inception. Instead of letting them go to waste, Dawn transformed them into insulators for beverages. This humble beginning marked the birth of the KingKooler concept wrap. Intrigued by the positive feedback from friends and family who received these innovative insulators, Dawn began to envision a successful business.

Dawn’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to approach both large and local retail stores with her creation. Although they showed interest, securing a manufacturer to produce the required quantities proved challenging. Life, with its various demands, eventually took precedence, and Dawn’s creations found their way into storage boxes, marked with the label “maybe someday.”

The Resurrection of a Dream  

Fast-forward to 2016, when Joe, along with his family and those boxes filled with the dreams of KingKooler, moved to northern Colorado, where Kyle’s family resided. Over cold drinks, appropriately wrapped in KingKooler, the conversation naturally gravitated toward their mother’s unrealized business idea. The spark of that long-forgotten dream was rekindled.

The ensuing years saw Kyle and Joe decide to breathe new life into KingKooler, giving it the attention and effort it had been missing for decades. In 2019, the brothers officially relaunched KingKooler, staying true to their mother’s legacy of crafting high-quality, long-lasting products.

Quality, Innovation, and Resilience  

From the outset, Kyle and Joe were determined to produce beverage wraps that stood head and shoulders above the cheap, disposable alternatives flooding the market. They recognized that they would essentially be creating their own niche by offering a product built to last.

Additionally, they committed to manufacturing every component of their products in the USA. However, adhering to such rigorous standards posed its own set of challenges. Finding a manufacturer who could meet their high-quality standards while maintaining affordability proved to be no small feat. But adversity only strengthened the brothers’ resolve to see KingKooler flourish.

Today, KingKooler is proud to work with a local manufacturer, and their dedication to providing customers with the ultimate beverage wraps remains unwavering. These wraps are designed to last, embodying the very essence of KingKooler ethos.

A Vision for the Future  

As KingKooler continues to grow, Kyle and Joe Hicks aim to expand their horizons by forging new business connections and allowing more individuals to experience the versatility and quality of KingKooler for themselves.

Their goal, however, goes beyond just business success. It’s about realizing the dream that was born from their mother’s practical ingenuity—a dream of creating a product that stands the test of time, honoring their mother’s legacy, and offering customers a quality beverage wrap they’ll use for years to come.

The journey of KingKooler is a testament to the power of innovation, determination, and the enduring legacy of an idea that started in the 1970s. With Kyle and Joe Hicks at the helm, the future is promising for this remarkable company that continues to insulate beverages and warm hearts.

In a world of fleeting trends and disposable products, KingKooler stands as a beacon of quality, reminding us all that sometimes, the best things are those that last a lifetime.

So, if you’re seeking a beverage wrap that’s more than just a wrap—it’s a piece of history and a symbol of quality—look no further than KingKooler. As the Hicks brothers would say, “It’s the wrap that keeps your drink as cool as your story.”

“We envision a future where KingKooler is synonymous with quality and longevity,” says Kyle and Joe.

As the legacy of KingKooler continues to evolve, one thing is certain: the story behind this remarkable company is as kool as the wraps it creates.

KingKooler is an American-based company, specializing in durable, quality-designed and multipurpose beverage insulators that keep your favorite drinks at the ideal temperature for wholesome enjoyment. Visit their website today, to view their product range and services for all your beverage wrap needs.

Written and Syndicated by: YDMA Group

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