Leanne and Justine

Leanne and Justine: Receptionist Meets Vision Therapist



In the spirit of team bonding and personalising our Smart Vision staff for our patients and clients, we were given the task of writing about each other. Rather than writing two separate spiels about how fabulous the other person is and who has the shiniest hair, we thought we would join forces and tackle this one together. We also thought we would be as organised as possible and wack our autobiographies in a table, because who doesn’t love a few bullet points and a table?!

Name: Justine Tucker. My name was nearly Tabatha, which would have been fantastic as my middle name is Catherine and my name would have literally been Tabby Cat! Onya mum for the last minute change.

Nickname: Most people call me Jus, but Andrew calls me Horse Face, which is really lovely.

Age: 27, and I already have grey hairs. It’s depressing.

Eye Colour: Green. Exactly the same as my dad’s, which is cool and annoys my mum.

Height: Normal. I am sitting in the photo.

Role at SVO: I am the Senior Vision Therapist, which makes me seem quite old.

What brought you to SVO: Unlike Leanne, my entire family doesn’t work here, so I ended up here on my own merit…jokes! I was originally intended to be the part-time Vision Therapist but that quickly changed and now this is my home away from home.

Life Goals: To continue torturing children with Vision Therapy and sarcastic flare.

Special Talents: When I move my mouth like a fish my right eye lashes twitch. Cool huh!

Name: Leanne Foo. I was almost called Tiger Lily or Agnes. Either way, not fantastic choices. Pretty happy with Leanne.

Nickname: Foo Fighter (because I am so very threatening at 4 foot 9 inches) or Le-Foo.

Age: 26, with no grey hairs like Jus. My hair is also pretty shiny.

Eye Colour: Brown. Just brown.

Height: Gnome sized. I am standing in the photo.

Role at SVO: What’s SVO? Oh! Hum, I am an entertainer/receptionist. Part-time nanny to the kids left in the waiting room while Jus works with their brothers and sisters. Full-time coffee maker.

What brought you to SVO: It’s a family affair! Plus, I heard great stories about everyone and thought it would be a fun place to work.

Life Goals: To work with children in the human rights sector. I would also really like to grow taller than the children.

Special Talents: I can turn off any light without touching it. The trick is to lie very still and just scream for my brother Brian. At some point, he will enter the room and turn off the light for me. Very convenient!

Oh and for the record, Justine definitely has the shiniest hair!

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